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About The London GaDangme Fellowship:

The London GaDangme Fellowship was established by members of the GaDangme Community in London under the leadership of the Revd. Dr Godwin  Odonkor in October 2004, when Dr. Odonkor was the  Ghanaian Chaplain for the United Reformed Church (URC) in the UK. At the end of his tour of duty in the UK in 2008, the leadership role was transferred  to the Revd. Sylvanus Tettey, who became the new Ghanaian Chaplain in the UK. The Revd. Tettey’s tour of duty ended in 2011 and the leadership role was transferred to the Revd. Edward Sanniez, a Ghanaian Minister with the URC in North-West London. The Fellowship is non-denominational, and its objectives comprehensively include the following:

  • Provision of welfare and pastoral care for members and non-members, particularly, the elderly, children and the poor.
  • Provision of education and various educational facilities, (books, school building facilities, etc.) to poor families in Ghana.
  • Award of scholarships to children of poor families to attend higher education and provide financial support for disability institutions in Ghana and the UK.
  • Assist with the provision of premises for place of Christian worship in poor GaDangme villages.
  • To establish senior citizensˊ club to provide weekly sharing of lunch together and physical exercises. Thus, providing opportunity for social interaction and befriending to mitigate isolation and loneliness.
  • There would also be advice sessions on health, lifestyle and diet, safety, social welfare, immigration, pensions, housing and educational issues.
  • Further, there would be trips and outings to places of interest and historic values, and
  • To organise educational public lectures.

To achieve the above, the Fellowship would work together with other Ghanaian and non-Ghanaian organisations.

These will include people of different communities, people with different motivation and also with people from different perspective to life in joint projects for community well-being and cohesion.

It is expected that the Fellowship’s activities would provide opportunity for those who had led privileged or more comfortable lifestyles to come face to face with the harsh realities of life as they work alongside those who, in their lives have accumulated raw and harsh experience , thus experiencing Christian discipleship.

The Fellowship therefore invites everyone, Christians and non- Christians alike to make active pastoral care a reality.

London GaDangme Speaking Fellowship (URC) Worships at St Andrews United Reformed Church, Mount Park Road, Ealing Broadway, London W5 2RP, Every 4th Sunday of the month at 3.00pm.

For more information about the Fellowship contact one of the following:

Our Fellowship Leaders

RoleTelephone Number
Revd. Edward SanniezChairman0208 961 2478
Mrs Evelyn BoatengSecretary07985 220312
Ms Christina Ashare Asst. Secretary
Mrs Lauretta Ribeiro-NorteyPulpit Secretary
Mr Edmund AbdoTreasurer0208 270 0841
Mrs Nancy AnkrahAsst. Treasurer07757 360932
Mr Reginald OtchwemahWelfare Officer0208992 4652
Mrs Victoria Laryea Asst. Welfare Officer
Mr Ben AryeeteyPublicity Secretary07958 750 531
Mr William Lartey Asst. Publicity Secretary
Mrs Sarah Worburton Social & Catering Co-ordinator
Ms Vida Vanderpuye Asst. Social & Catering Co-ordinator
Pastor Gabriel Dowuona-Hammond Co-opted Member
Dr Prince Brown- EngmannCo-opted Member



      1. Adoption of this constitutionThis constitution was adopted at an Annual General Meeting on 24 May 2015.
      2. Introduction
        The Ghanaian Congregation (hereinafter referred to as the Fellowship) is a GaDangme-speaking Christian fellowship.The Fellowship shall operate within the parameters of the constitutive documents of the United Reformed Church, shall remain GaDangme-speaking and shall use appropriate Ghanaian Christian Church practices in its worship. Thus, it is part of the Multiracial, multicultural identity of the URC.
      3. Objects
        • To advance the Christian religion through worship and Christian mission for the public benefit with a focus on GaDangme-speaking Ghanaians and friends of Ghana in the United Kingdom, in accordance with the Basis of Union of the United Reformed Church.
        • To advance education in the UK and other parts of the world including Ghana, by providing public education and financial or spiritual support for educational projects or purposes.
        • To relieve need, as an extension of Christian pastoral care, including by providing or assisting in the provision of care and comfort for the elderly or those in need

        In furtherance of the objects, the Fellowship shall:

        • Provide a common forum for worship and fellowship in the Ghanaian context.
        • Encourage and equip members to play an active part in their respective churches.
        • Foster and nurture members’ interest in the welfare of their respective mother churches in Ghana.
        • Promote social integration of the GaDangme speaking community in the UK and to proclaim the Christian gospel to them.
        • Produce and circulate literature designed to advance the Christian faith.
        • Further the Church’s compassionate ministry in the locality and throughout the world.
        • Help promote the objectives of the URC, particularly as they relate to multiracial, multicultural ministry.

        Powers of the Leaders group/Trustees

      4. Application of income and property
        4.1 The income and property of the Fellowship shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects.

        • A member of the Leaders group (who are also trustees for the purposes of charity law) is entitled to be reimbursed from the property of the Fellowship or may be paid out of such property reasonable expenses properly incurred by him or her when acting on behalf of the Fellowship
        • A member of the Leaders group may benefit from trustee indemnity insurance cover purchased at the Fellowship’s expense in accordance with, and subject to the conditions in, section 189 of the Charities Act 2011.

        4.2 None of the income or property of the Fellowship may be paid or
        transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend bonus or otherwise
        by way of profit to any member of the Fellowship .This does not prevent
        a member who is not also a leader from receiving:

        • a benefit from the Fellowship in the capacity of a beneficiary of the Fellowship;
        • reasonable and proper remuneration for any goods or services supplied to the Fellowship.
      5. Benefit and payments to charity trustees and connected persons

    5.1 General provisions: No leader/trustee or connected person may:

        • buy or receive any goods or services from the Fellowship on terms preferential to those applicable to members of the public
        • sell goods, services or any interest in land to the Fellowship
        • be employed by, or receive any remuneration from the Fellowship;
        • receive any other financial benefit from the Fellowship;

    Unless the payment is permitted by sub-clause (2) of this clause, or authorised by the court or the Charity commission (“the Commission”). In this clause, “financial benefit” means a benefit, direct or indirect, which is either money or has a monetary value.

    5.2 Scope and Powers permitting leaders/trustees or connected persons’ benefits

        • A leader /trustee of the Fellowship or connected person may receive a beneficiary from the Fellowship provided that a majority of the trustees do not benefit in this way.
        • A leader/trustee of the Fellowship or connected person may enter into a contract for the supply of services, or of goods that are supplied in connection with the provision of services , to the Fellowship where that is permitted in accordance with, and subject to the conditions in , section 285 of the Charities Act 2011.
        • Subject to sub-clause (3) of this clause a leader/trustee of the Fellowship or connected persons may provide the Fellowship with goods that are not supplied in connection with services provided to the Fellowship by the leader/trustee of the Fellowship or connected person.
        • A leader/trustee of the Fellowship or connected person may receive interest on money lent to the Fellowship at a reasonable and proper rate which must be not more than the bank of England bank rate (also known as the base rate).
        • A leader/trustee of the Fellowship or connected person may receive rent for premises let by the leader/trustee or connected person to the Fellowship. The amount of rent and other terms of the lease must be reasonable and proper. The leader/trustee of the Fellowship or connected person must withdraw from any meeting at which such a proposal or the rent other terms of the lease are under discussion.
        • A leader/trustee of the Fellowship or connected person may take part in the normal trading and fundraising activities of the Fellowship on the same terms as members of the public.

    5.3 Payment for the supply of goods only – controls

    The Fellowship and the leaders/trustees may only rely upon the authority provided by sub-clause 2(c ) of this clause if each of the following conditions is satisfied:

        • The amount or maximum amount of the payment for the goods is set out in an agreement in writing between the Fellowship and the leader/trustee of the Fellowship or connected person supplying the a goods (“the supplier”) under which the supplier is to supply the goods in question.
        • The amount or maximum amount of the payment for the goods does not exceed what is reasonable in the circumstances for the supply of goods in question.
        • The other leaders/trustees are satisfied that it is in the best interest of the Fellowship to contract with the supplier rather than someone who is not a leader/trustee of the Fellowship or connected person. In reaching that decision the leader/trustee of the Fellowship must balance the advantage of contracting with that leader/trustee of the Fellowship or connected person against the disadvantages of doing so.
        • The supplier is absent from the part of any meeting at which there is discussion of the proposal to enter into a contract or arrangement with him or her with regard to the supply of the goods to the Fellowship.
        • The supplier does not vote on any such matter and is not to be counted when calculating whether a quorum of other leaders/trustees is present at the meeting
        • The reason for their decision is recorded by the leaders/trustees in the minute book.
        • A majority of the leaders/trustees then in office are not in receipt of remuneration or payments authorised by clause 5.

    In sub-clauses (2) and (3) of this clause:

      • The Fellowship includes any company in which the Fellowship:
        • holds more than 50% of the shares, or
        • controls more than 50% of the voting rights attached to the shares; or
        • has the right to appoint one or more leaders/trustees to the board of the company.
      • “connected person” means:
        • a child, parent, grandchild ,brother or sister of a leader/trustee
        • the spouse or civil partner of the leader/trustee or of any person falling within clause (1) above;
        • a person carrying on business in partnership with the leader/trustee or with any person falling with sub-clause (1) or (2) above
        • an institution which is controlled-
          • By the leader/trustee or any connected person falling within sub-clause (1), (2) or (3) above; or
          • By two or more persons falling within sub-clause (a)’ when taken together
        • a body corporate in which-
          • the Fellowship leader/trustee or any connected person falling within sub-clauses (1) to (3) has a substantial interest; or
          • two or more persons falling within sub-clause (5) (a) who when taken together, have a substantial interest.
        • Sections 350-352 of the Charities Act 2011 apply for the purposes of interpreting the terms used in this clause.
  1. Dissolution
    • If the members resolve to dissolve the Fellowship the leaders/trustees will remain in office as trustees and be responsible for winding up the affairs of the Fellowship in accordance with this clause.
    • The leaders/trustees must collect in all the assets of the Fellowship and must pay or make provision for all the liabilities of the Fellowship.
    • The leaders/trustees must apply remaining property or money:
      • directly to the objects.
      • by transfer to any charity or charities for purposes the same as or
        similar to the Fellowship.
      • In such other manner as the Charity Commission for England and
        Wales (“commission”) may approve in writing in advance.
    • The members may pass a resolution before or at the same time as the resolution to dissolve the Fellowship specifying the manner in which the leaders/trustees are to apply the remaining property or assets of the Fellowship and the leaders/trustees must comply with the resolution if it is consistent with paragraphs (a)-(c) inclusive in sub-clause (3) above.
    • In no circumstances shall the net assets of the Fellowship be paid to or distributed among members of the Fellowship (except to a member that is itself a charity).
    • The leaders/trustees must notify the Commission promptly that the Fellowship has been dissolved. If the leaders/trustees are obliged to send the Fellowship’s accounts to the Commission for the accounting period which ended before the resolution, they must send the Commission the Fellowship’s final accounts.
  2. Relationship to the United Reformed Church: The GaDangme Fellowship will actively develop its relationship with the wider URC by sending an observer to Synod meetings and encouraging members to attend other URC events. The Leaders Group will liaise with the Synod Training Officer to organise a URC orientation programme for the Fellowship as required.
  3. Membership: Membership of the Fellowship shall be open to:
    (i) Individual GaDangme speaking Ghanaians living in the UK who are willing to subscribe to the objects of the Fellowship and the Christian faith and willing to work towards the unity and purity of the Church.
    (ii) Ghanaians from other ethnic groups who are not GaDangmes and willing to subscribe to the objects of the Fellowship and the Christian faith and willing to work towards the unity and purity of the Church.
    (iii) Other nationalities who are friends of Ghana and willing to subscribe to the objects of the Fellowship and the Christian faith and willing to work toward the unity and purity of the Church.
    (iv) Unbaptised adults who desire to be members of the Fellowship shall be accepted and assisted pastorally to seek to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.
  4. Leaders Group/Trustees: The Leaders Group of the Fellowship shall be a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 members and shall consist of the following:
    The Ghanaian Minister for London (as Chairman), in the first instance as appointed by the URC Thames North Synod and thereafter a minister sympathetic to and cognizant of Ghanaian worship to be appointed by the Mission Initiatives Group of the URC Thames North Synod.
    Assistant Secretary
    Pulpit Secretary
    Assistant Treasurer
    Welfare Officer
    Assistant Welfare Officer
    Publicity Officer
    Assistant Publicity Officer
    Co-opted membersThe functions of the Leaders Group/Trustees will be:

    • To exercise oversight of the spiritual and temporal life of the Fellowship
    • To foster in the Fellowship concern for witness and service to the community, evangelism in London and in Ghana, Christian education and the wider responsibilities of the whole Fellowship
    • To see that public worship is regularly offered and Holy Communion duly administered
    • To nominate from among its members a Fellowship Secretary, to be elected by the Fellowship meeting, to serve both the Fellowship and the Leaders Meeting
    • To arrange for pulpit supply in a vacancy
    • To admit members to the Fellowship
    • To keep and review the roll of members and list of names of other worshippers and the children attached to the Fellowship
    • To be responsible for the institution and oversight of work among children and young people and of all organisations within the Fellowship
    • To call for the election of Leaders/trustees and advise on the number required
    • To maintain and develop the Fellowship’s relationship with the URC
    • To do such other things as may be necessary in pursuance of its responsibility for the common life of the Fellowship
  5. Duties of Officers
    (a) The Secretary:
    (i) Shall be in charge of all secretarial business of the Fellowship and keep all records of proceedings
    (ii) Shall convene, in consultation with the duly appointed minister, all meetings and make same available to appropriate members
    (iii) Liaise with other bodies in the UK and Eire and elsewhere that have similar objectives.
    (iv) Pass all records and papers to the successor officer on ceasing to hold office.
    (b) The Pulpit Secretary:
    (i) The Pulpit Secretary shall closely liaise with the Minister, organise
    preaching plan and administer all liturgical matters for worship.(ii) Liaise with all individual on the preaching plan to ensure its smooth implementation.(iii) Liaise with Music Co-ordinator/ organist before every service.
    (c) The Treasurer:
    (i) Shall maintain all the financial records of the Fellowship and be in charge of the bank account
    (ii) Prepare and present the annual financial budget to the annual general meeting for approval
    (iii) Formulate policies/programmes as well as co-ordinate all efforts at raising or obtaining financial support for the Fellowship
    (iv) Prepare and present the annual financial statements to the annual general meeting for approval.
    (v) Pass all records and papers to the successor officer on ceasing to hold office.
    (d) Welfare Officer:
    Shall liaise with the duly appointed Minister and Leaders of the Fellowship and co-ordinate the welfare needs of all members of the Fellowship.
    (e) Publicity Officer:
    (i) Shall be responsible for the publicity and organisation of Fellowship programmes;(ii) Shall be responsible for the planning, production and distribution of all literature (published by the Fellowship);
  6. Conduct of Business:
    (a) Fellowship Leaders Group meeting:There shall be quarterly meeting of the Fellowship Leaders Group (or as required), which will be presided over by the duly appointed Minister, or someone so appointed. The quorum for the Leaders Group shall be half the membership for the time being of the Group.The Minutes of Leaders Group Meetings will be copied to the Secretary of St Andrew’s United Reformed Church, Ealing for information, for so long as the Fellowship is based at the Church.(b) General MeetingThe General Meeting of the Fellowship shall be opened to those persons who have been admitted to the full privileges and responsibilities of membership of the Fellowship and whose names are included on the membership roll of the FellowshipThe general meeting may invite other persons who regularly worship with the Fellowship but whose names are not on the membership roll to attend and speak at its general meetings on particular occasions but no such person shall have the right to vote.(c) Annual General Meeting
    In addition to the general meeting, there shall be an Annual General Meeting held within 12 months of holding the preceding AGM at a date and place agreed by the Leaders Group.
    (d) Voting
    Business requiring resolution of the Fellowship meeting must be notified to the Secretary in writing for consideration at a Leaders’ meeting. A Fellowship meeting resolution to be carried must be supported by a simple majority of the members present and voting, but the Leaders Group may from time to time recommend a higher majority for specific decisions. The Fellowship may decide to use secret ballot. The Chairperson shall have a casting vote.
    (e) Election of LeadersLeaders elected by the Fellowship shall serve for a period of three years and shall be eligible for re-election for a further term of three years.The election of leaders shall normally take place at the Annual General Meeting. Each nomination shall be made in writing, signed by the nominee indicating a willingness to stand, and also signed by at least three other members of the Fellowship, shall be given to the Secretary on or before a date to be decided by the Leaders’ meeting. After committing the exercise to prayer, voting papers containing the names of nominees shall be distributed at the meeting at which the election is held. There shall be no postal ballot or voting by proxy.(f) Notice of General Meetings
    Notice of General, Annual General and Extraordinary General Meetings shall be given with at least three weeks’ notice in advance by notification at a regular service of worship.
  7. Finance
    • Primarily the freewill offering and covenants of its members shall finance the Fellowship.
    • The Fellowship may accept donations from other Christian organisations and individuals as deemed fit.
    • Other means of raising funds may be considered and determined by the Leaders Group.
    • The funds raised shall be applied to the running of the affairs of the Fellowship. The application of any special donation shall be restricted to the purpose for which it was given.
    • The Fellowship shall operate a bank account into which all monies collected on behalf of the Fellowship shall be paid and from which all expenses of the Fellowship should be paid.
    • There shall be four signatories to the account (ie Treasurer, Secretary, Welfare Officer and Pulpit Secretary). For any financial transactions, any two signatures shall be acceptable. The Chairman must be notified of all transactions.
    • The financial year-end shall be 31st December.
    • An independently examined statement of income and expenditure and balance sheet shall be presented at the annual general meeting.
    • An independent examiner shall be appointed by the Annual General Meeting.
  8. Constitutional Amendments
    • This Constitution may be amended by an Extraordinary General Meeting provided the approval of not less than two thirds of those members present and voting is obtained. The quorum for such a meeting will be two-thirds of the membership roll.
    • A proposal for amendment shall be entertained, provided that:
      (i) notice of intention to do so is given in writing to the Fellowship’s Secretary, who must give notice to the Fellowship two months preceding the date of the Extraordinary General Meeting;(ii) reason(s) for the amendment has been clearly stated in writing.
    • No amendment shall be made which would cause the Fellowship to cease to be a Christian charity by law.
    • No amendment may be made to alter the objects, if the change would
      undermine or work against the previous objects of the Fellowship.
    • No amendment may be made to clauses 4 or 5 without written consent of the Charity Commission.
    • A copy of any resolution amending this constitution shall be sent to the
      commission within twenty one days of it being passed.

Revd Edward Sanniez

Date: 24 May 2015

Fellowship Action Plan
Saturday 15 August 2015
The Way Forward
ObjectivesHow To Achieve ObjectivesTime Frame
Administrator/Co-ordinatorThere will be the need to have someone to be at the centre to co-ordinate the Fellowship activities after July 2011.
It is therefore necessary to appoint Fellowship Administrator/Co-ordinator. It may be necessary to have a budget for this role.
1. Dec 2015
2. Job description to be prepared by Pastor Dowuona-Hammond
3. Someone to train students to get them involved in volunteering
Church servicesProgramme of future service
Leaders/Worship Committee identifying GaDangme Priests/Pastors to form Pastoral team to preach at services
Fellowship meetingsPlan to discuss topics of mutual interest on
– Current affairs etc.
Started in 2014
MembershipThe need to organise and develop a formal register of membersDecember 2015
GovernanceThe use of sub-Committees e.g.
Finance & Fundraising
Welfare & Social
to assist Leaders in smooth
To be set up as soon as possible

Worship Committee
Rev Edward Sanniez
Lauretta Ribeiro-Nortey
Nii Lante Blankson
Mr Emma Mensah

Grants Committee
Lauretta Ribeiro-Nortey
Ade Sawyerr
Edmund Abdo
Evelyn Boateng
Ben Aryeetey

Finance & fundraising
Edmund Abdo
Nancy Ankrah

Welfare Committee
Reginald Otchwemah
Emmanuel Sackey

Youth Committee
Pastor Dowuona-Hammond
Emmanuel Sackey
William Lartey

Admin & Publicity
Mrs Evelyn Boateng
Mr Ade Sawyerr
Mr Ben Aryeetey
William Lartey

Social & Catering
Mrs Sarah Worburton
Ms Vida Vanderpuije
Ms Patience Tagoe
Mrs Susie Djimah
Mr Sampson Djimah
Ms Gladys Baah

Harvest Committee
Ms Harriet Sawyerr
Pastor Dowuona-Hammond
Mrs Lauretta Ribeiro-Nortey
Geographical Area/ZonesThe setting up of groupings based on location where members live with a Leader to serve as a link with membersNext leaders meeting in Sept 2015
List of all members to be updated and sorted by membership type// zones
Prayer groups/Bible studyThe setting up of groupings based on location with a Leader for prayer meetings and bible studyMarch 2016
FundraisingStewardship campaign
Gift Aid
Banker’s standing order Social events
April 2016
To register with HMRC for Gift Aid SchemeGift Aid Secretary to be appointed with support for training if necessary
Use envelopes for regular giving
Choir/Singing BandThe setting up of singing group to support Fellowship worshipDone – February 2015
Planning/Future EventsCalendar of future eventsOngoing
Utilisation of fundsCharitable giving-
funding of projects both in Ghana & the UK
Premises/VenuePlan to acquire own place of worship and social activities
“The GaDangme Fellowship Centre”
2020 – An Ad-Hoc Committee will be required to consider options
Public relations/MarketingThe need to reach out to GaDangme groups and individualsOngoing
Rev. Sanniez/Leaders to visit GaDangme Groups
Team of side Women/MenTo assist in orderly worship. Setting up a team of sides women/men to rotate monthly would be helpful.Current Rota to be reviewed
Stewardship – Annual Fellowship MeetingTo assist the Leaders to account for their stewardship on all aspects of activities. It is important to fix a date so that, at least on an annual basis a formal meeting is held for the leaders to report to the congregation on what have gone on in the past year and future plans – Annual Fellowship Meeting (AFM).Annually in May
Social Evening (Dinner and Dance)Postponed to 2016A Planning Committee is required to make a start preparation
Welcome PackSmall gifts to be made to new members – possibly including Methodist Church Ga Small biblesTo start Pastor Dowuona-Hammond will download Ga bible and put them on CDs with Fellowship logo for distribution to all members

Pastoral Leaders And Assistants By Zone

Zone No.AreaLeadersAssistant LeadersNo. of Members in Zone
1Bexley/Lewisham/BromleyPrince Brown–EngmannFred Asante7
2Dagenham/Colchester/Redbridge/Newham/Tower HamletsEdmund AbdoEthel Badu17
3Enfield/Haringey/Brent/Finchley/Mill HillNancy AnkrahPatience Djima, Sampson Djima18
4Hammersmith/Kensington/Fulham/HarlesdenEunice MensahAlbert Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson15
5Croydon/Redhill/NorwoodEvelyn BoatengAhinae Sawyerr, Ade Sawyerr8
6Acton/Ealing/GreenfordReginald OtchwemahVida Vanderpuije14
7Mitcham/Morden/CarshaltonBen AryeeteyCecilia Attivor9
8Lambeth/SouthwarkSarah WorburtonJulie Bortey15
9Wandsworth/BatterseaSusie OdamttenMary Amoh12
10Harrow/The NorthLauretta Ribeiro-NorteyLynette Bortey11
11Hounslow/Twickenham/Hayes/HillingdonAnna Tackie-OtooPhyllis Mensah21
12Seven Sisters/Hoxton/Liverpool StreetComfort TawiahTo be appointed7