GaDangme Fellowship is a Christian community ministry set up to teach and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in GaDangme and other Ghanaian languages. In so doing, members are to discover what human life is meant to be, that is, to follow the same attitude as Jesus Christ (Philippians. 2:5) and to learn to love God and to love one another (Matthew 22: 37-39). Therefore the love of God and the love of neighbour are the cornerstones that underpin its activities. Members are therefore  expected  to live with God’s desire and well–being. Faith, hope and love would be part and parcel of everyday life. The Fellowship was established by members of the GaDangme Community in London under the leadership of Revd. Dr Godwin  Odonkor in October 2004. All GaDangmebii and friends of our GaDangme-speaking brothers and sisters are invited to join the friendly URC Ghanaian Fellowship who worship at St. Andrew’s United Reformed Church, Mount Park Road, Ealing Broadway, London W5 2RP,  on the 4th Sunday of each month,  from 3:00 – 6.00pm.
Services are conducted in the GaDangme languages as well as in English.

Dates for our 2019 services are as follows:
27 January 2019 28 July 2019
24 February 2019 25 August 2019
24  March 2019 22 September 2019
28 April 2019 27 October 2019
26 May 2019 24 November 2019
16 June 2019
(Joint Service with St Andrew’s:
Time 10:30 am. No afternoon Service)
15 December 2019

Our Objectives:

i) To advance the Christian religion through worship and Christian mission for the public benefit with a focus on GaDangme-speaking Ghanaians and friends of Ghana in the United Kingdom, in accordance with the Basis of Union of the United Reformed Church.

ii) To advance education in the UK and other parts of the world including Ghana, by providing public education and financial or spiritual support for educational projects or purposes.

iii) To relieve need, as an extension of Christian pastoral care, including by providing or assisting in the provision of care and comfort for the elderly or those in  need.

NUNTSƆ LƐ SƆLEMƆ (The Lord’s Prayer)

Wɔ-Tsɛ ni yɔɔ ŋwɛi!
Ogbei lɛ he atse!
Omaŋtsɛyeli lɛ aba!
Afee nɔ ni osumɔɔ yɛ shikpɔŋ lɛ nɔ, taake afeɔ yɛ ŋwei lɛ!
Hã wɔ ŋmɛnɛ wɔdaa ŋmãa.
Ni okɛ wɔtɔmɔi lɛ afa wɔ, tamɔ bɔ ni wɔkɛfaa mei ni tɔɔ wɔnɔ lɛ
Ni okɛ wɔ akaya kaa mli;
Shi jiemɔ wɔ keje ɛfɔŋ lɛ mli.
Shi onɔ ji maŋtsɛyeli lɛ, kɛ hewalɛ lɛ kɛ anunyam lɛ, kɛyashiɔ naanɔ.

BƆFOI LƐ AHEMƆKƐYELI (The Apostles’ Creed)

Miheɔ Nyɔŋmɔ ni ji Tsɛ Ofe lɛ kɛ ŋwei kɛ shikpɔŋ feelɔ lɛ nɔ miyeɔ.
Kɛ Yesu Kristo e-Binuu kome ni ji wɔ-Nuntsɔ lɛ, mɔ ni aŋɔ lɛ hɔ kɛjɛ Mumɔ Krɔŋkrɔŋ lɛŋ, ni oblayoo Maria lɛ fɔ lɛ, ni enã amanohulu yɛ Pontio Pilato yinɔ, ni asɛŋ lɛ, egbo ni afu lɛ; ekpleke shi kɛtee gbohiiaje; gbi ni ji etɛ nɔ lɛ ete shi ekoŋŋ kɛjɛ gbohii ateŋ; etee ŋwɛi ni eyata shi yɛ Nyɔŋmɔ ni ji e-Tsɛ Ofe lɛ ninejurɔ nɔ, jɛi eeejɛ eba ni ebakojo mɛi ni hiɛ kamɔ kɛ mɛi ni egboi lɛ.

Miheɔ Mumɔ Krɔŋkrɔŋ lɛ nɔ, kɛ Kristo Asafo Krɔŋkrɔŋ kome ni yɛɛ he fɛɛ he lɛ mei Krɔŋkrɔŋi anaanyobɔɔ lɛ kɛ eshaifaa lɛ, kɛ gbɔmɔtso shitee lɛ, kɛ naanɔ wala lɛ miyɛɔ.

Dromɔ Lɛ (2 Kor. 13:13) (The Grace )

Wɔ Nuŋtsɔ Yesu Kristo dromɔ lɛ, kɛ Naa Nyɔŋmɔ suɔmɔ lɛ, kɛ mumɔ Krɔŋkrɔŋ naanyobɔɔ lɛ, kɛ wɔfɛɛ ahi shi daa.

2019 Events

15th Anniversary Year - 2019 Annual Programme
New Year Communion Service & Commissioning of the “Watch Over” team27 January 2019
Choir 3rd Anniversary24 February 2019
Visit from Dangmebii Akpee24 February 2019
Pastoral Leaders Training - How can Christians respond to Dementia?25 February 2019
Pastoral Leaders Training - Developing Pastoral Care9 March 2019
Ghana Independence Anniversary Service17 March 2019
Visit from Osu Ekomefeemɔ Kpee24 March 2019
Talk: How to cope with bereavement28 April 2019
A Day of Prayer and Fasting18 May 2019
Annual General Meeting26 May 2019
Pastoral Leaders Training - Leading Bible Study1 June 2019
Joint Service with Ealing URC16 June 2019
Training - Walk through the Old Testament22 June 2019
Children & Young Adults Day13 July 2019
Ghana Republic Day Anniversary Service21 July 2019
Annual Youth-Led Service28 July 2019
A Day of Prayer and Fasting17 August 2019
Visit from Teshi Nyɛmimɛi Akpee25 August 2019
Harvest & Thanksgiving Service & Harvest Supper22 September 2019
15th Anniversary Social Evening12 October 2019
Training - Walk Through the New Testament19 October 2019
15th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service27 October 2019
Annual Remembrance Service24 November 2019
Nyɛhaa wɔlaa (Favourite Hymns/Songs of Praise) OR Carol Service15 December 2019

Kita hee mikɛ haanyɛ akɛ, Nyɛsumɔsumɔa nyɛhe. Kɛji nyɛsumɔɔ nyɛhe lɛ,
no mɛi fɛɛ kɛaale akɛ mikaselɔi ji nyɛ. ”      (Yohane 13:34-35

“A new command I give you: love one another. As I have loved you so
you must love one another. By this all will know that you are my
disciples, if you love one another.”     (John 13:34-35)


London GaDangme Fellowship URCSharing the love of Christ, the Light of the world.

“Wɔmii shiɛ Kristo, je lɛ mli la lɛ, suɔmɔ lɛ.”

At Ealing, GaDangme people in London raised their “Ebenezer Stone” in 2004.
We are told in the Bible that Samuel, a priest and leader of Israel placed a large stone between Nizpah and Shen and named it Ebenezer, which mean “Up to this point the Lord has helped us” (1 Samuel 7:12) . This was after a long period of Israel disobedience of the Lord.
However, Israel repented under Samuel’s leadership and re-committed their hearts and minds to the Lord. And so ,when they were attacked by the Philistines , the Lord caused a loud thunder against the Philistines which threw them into panic. The people of Israel got their lives back and the stone stood there as a visible reminder of judgement , repentance , mercy and restoration. It also became a stone of renewal and fresh beginning.
Therefore when GaDangme people in London came to Ealing in October 2004, to start a Fellowship group, we raised our Ebenezer stone, to thank God for all that He has done for us in the past and to remind ourselves of the help God has given us and to recognise that our God is a living and faithful God, whose mercies are everlasting. It also reminds us to love God and to love one another with all our hearts, our minds and our strength and also to be compassionate to one another as a family.
Therefore, we recognised that whatever we do, it is by the help of God and while we are alive it is by His Grace.
We therefore sing together: Ebenezer- “ Biɛ Nyɔŋmɔ ye buawɔ kɛbashi”

1. Lɛɛlɛŋ Nyɔŋmɔ dromɔ kɛkɛ ni
Wɔhiɛ kamɔ ŋmɛnɛ nɛɛ
Kɛ jen shihilɛ mli wa taakɛ mɛ
Ejieɔ wo yɛ fɛɛ tswen mli
Kɛ wɔfee ekpakpa ko
Eyeli kɛ buamɔ naa
Hewɔ wɔlaa “Ebenezer” ‘tsɔɔ akɛ
Biɛ Nyɔŋmɔ yebua wɔ kɛbashi

Ebenezer! Biɛ Nyɔŋmɔ ye buawɔ kɛbashi
Ebenezer! Edromɔ kɛkɛ ni

2. Miishɛɛ kɛ amane
Esuɔmɔ yeɔɔ buawɔ
Suɔmɔ kɛ sɔlemɔ sa akɛ
Wɔkɛ fa gbɛ nɛɛ
Hewɔ nyɛ haa wɔkɛ miishɛɛ
Asumɔa Nyɔŋmɔ
Koni kɛ wɔgboi lɛ
Kristo abu wɔ mantsɛ fai

Ebenezer! Biɛ Nyɔŋmɔ ye buawɔ kɛbashi
Ebenezer! Edromɔ kɛkɛ ni

While we sing Ebenezer, standing together, shoulder to shoulder, we should always remember that we have a living and faithful God . And we shall praise Him all the time because he is good and his love endures forever.
We should also ask God for forgiveness for the past and look forward with hope to what lies ahead, “Forgetting what is behind and straining towards what is ahead , and press on towards the goal to win the prize which God is calling us heavenwards in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 3:13-14)

Ben Aryeetey
20 February 2014

Contact Us

Rev. Edward Sanniez (Chairman): 020 8961 2478
Evelyn Boateng (Secretary): 07985 220312
Lauretta Ribeiro-Nortey (Pulpit Secretary): 020 8427 0065
Ben Aryeetey: 07958 750531
Email: b.aryeetey@btopenworld.com

Sarah Worburton: 07947456715
Reginald Otchwemah: 0208 9924652
Edmund Abdo: 07949 462585
Nancy Ankrah: 07757 360932

Find Us At

St. Andrew’s Church
Mount Park Road
London W5 2RP
We’re at the intersection of Mount Park Road and Aston Road.

By Tube: Ealing Broadway Station (District & Central Lines – Last stop westbound)
By National Rail: Ealing Broadway Station (Line to/from Paddington Station)
Buses: 65, 297, E1, E7, E8, and 207 from Shepherds Bush.
Ten minutes’ walk from Ealing Broadway station

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